Sunday, June 7, 2009

Best Eyeshadow Ever!

If you're like me, you are ALWAYS on the lookout for fabulous makeup. Living in Chicago (let's see, 50 degrees and rainy in June) I tend to look washed out. Anything to perk up my face and keep me from looking like I'm on the set of Twilight is appreciated.

SO. A friend who has dazzling wonderful makeup always finally revealed one of her tip top secrets -- The Stila Champagne Glow eyeshadow trio. Lucky me, I found it at Sephora (Ulta was sold out, but check there with your coupon!) and I LOVE IT. I tend to revert to a preschooler trying to put on makeup, but even I couldn't mess this up.

I highly recommend it.
Here's a link:
How can it be Sunday already? I swear it was just Friday night 30 seconds ago.

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